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  • Island Spoon - TC04-G

    Island Spoon

  • Island Spoon - TC04 - S

    Island Spoon

  • Seahawk - Jumper Soft Lure - JSL Main

    Live Shrimp With Leaded Worm Hook

    • Easy Use
    • Perfect design can increase your catches
    • Shrimp-resembled body can confuse the predators.


    Seahawk - Live Shrimp - ZR Spec

  • Seahawk - Mad Cranker 75 - MCR Main

    Mad Cranker 75

    This deep diving crankbait is made for open water casting to lure and aggravate ferocious Tomans and Snakeheads; especially those protectively guarding their fry. It dips and dives up to 5-metres with a distracting rattling from the bearings inside its body, making it also great for targeting aggressive Mangrove Jacks and Groupers. Crank this lure under structures for some extraordinary strikes!


    Seahawk - Mad Cranker 75 - MCR Spec


    Seahawk - Mad Cranker 75 - MCR Icon

  • 141 - BS

    Musha Metal Jig 141

    Musha Lures - 141

    Musha 141 Lures Icon

  • 143 - B

    Musha Metal Jig 143

    Musha Lures - 143

    Musha 143 Lures Icon

  • Mystic

    Seahawk’s MYSTIC in the Big Strike lure series is designed to perform like a regular pencil lure, but in a more compact size for increased castability and accuracy. It features a spherical chin on the front, combined with free moving weights at the back. These components allow the MYSTIC 65 to create a much bigger presentation and distraction in the fields to quickly attract fish, despite its tiny size.


  • Team Seahawk - Parrot - Main


    TEAM SEAHAWK’S unique completely-handcrafted masterpiece; fully hand-painted and carved from durable wood from start to finish. As a result, our lure features a unique shape, weight, and swimming actionof its own – the buoyancy of the wood combined with the weight distribution of the lure results in a realistic darting action that is hardly achieved by other fishing lures.

    Today, in an industry over-saturated with mass-produced synthetic lures, the handcrafted wooden lure is a rare find and truly a sought-after gem, one to be added to your tackle collection.


    Team Seahawk - Parrot - PRT Spec


    Team Seahawk - Parrot - PRT Icon

  • Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Main 1

    Peacock Bass 45S

    The Peacock Bass sinking lure is an all-rounder. Its intricately designed with a finishing that closely resembles the scale on fish. Great for targeting species such as Peacock Bass and Tarpon. Troll it under the riverbed to imitate injured small fish and watch the strikes come!


    Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Spec


    Seahawk - Peacock Bass 45S - PBS Icon

  • Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Main

    Predator 75

    The Predator lure is designed specifically to target the aggravation and feeding impulse of predator fish. It closely mimics small bait fish that bigger predators love hunting for. All colours are specially chosen according to lures with the highest strike rates. Use this jerk-bait for some topwater twitching and jerking to aggravate fish to the surface and entice strikes.


    Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Spec


    Seahawk - Predator 75 - PRR Icon

  • Seluang 45T

    SeluangSELUANG 45T
    The Seluang 45T is designed to mimic the movement of small bait fish. With its lifelike finishing and natural swimming action, it easily catches the attention of predatory fish such as snakehead, haruan, sebarau, peacock bass and barracuda.

  • Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Main

    Sexy Slider 75

    As its name suggests, the Sexy Slider swims with a wide sliding zig-zagging action. Designed with a slim aerodynamic body, this lure is made for distance and speed for long precise casts. Its easy size makes it suitable for attracting a wide range of fish such as Snakehead, Peacock Bass, Temesis, Sebarau and Tarpon. Available in a range of irresistible colours.


    Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Spec


    Seahawk - Sexy Slider 75 - SSR Icon

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