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  • Venom Blade

    The Venom Blade Spinnerbait is the ultimate fish charmer. Featuring a large profile with extra-flashywillow blades, this spinnerbait commands a bold presence no fish can resist, triggering ferocious strikes, again and again. Its showy design makes it ideal for use in a wide range of conditions, being easily detectable, even in muddy waters. It’s not just a pretty face, however. It’s made with superiorcomponents, including a premium grade silicone skirt and top-notch barrel swivels to weather through plenty of strikes it entices. When you want something that just gets it (fish, that is), the Venom Blade is amust-have addition to your fishing arsenal.

    • Prominent Flashy Red Eye on the Head
    • Versatile in Wide Range of Fishing Conditions
    • Easily Detectable in Muddy Waters
    • Premium-Grade Silicone Skirt
    • High Level of Vibration in Water
    • Bold, Eye-Catching Colors that are Hard to Miss


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