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  • Bass Hunter 8X

    Seahawk Bass Hunter 8X is the newest addition to Seahawk’s line of high quality fishing braids. This budget-friendly option delivers the incredible benefits expected of braids despite its affordability. In line with Seahawk’s high quality standard, Bass Hunter 8X is innovated to be stronger, smoother , and more durable compared to all other braids of its class to offer exceptional value to anglers around the world.

    Bass Hunter Braided Features:
    • Made budget friendly to be best value-priced, all-rounder braided line.
    • Constructed using 8 inter-woven high performance high molecular polyethylene fibers.
    • Ultra low stretch with high tensile strength.
    • Specially treated hydrocarbon coating reduces line friction.
    • Soft and smooth surface easily glides through guides for natural lure action.
    • Superior knot strength and high abrasion resistance.
    • Enchanced color-retention for increased durability.
    • Exceptional value with impressive price-performance ratio.



  • Seahawk - Bass Hunter 2 4PLY- BHR Main

    Bass Hunter II

    Moss Features:
    • Rounded body structure and micro pinch braided to reduce winding knots backlashes
    and rod tip wrapping.
    • Extremely low stretch creating an unbelievable hook setting power.
    • Superior abrasion resistance and increased line capacity from its predessor.
    • Its slick finish reduces drag & friction on rod guides, adds greater casting distance,
    highly sensitive, resulting in more positive hook up.


    Seahawk - Lagenda 4PLY - LAG 100m - Spec


    Seahawk - Lagenda 4PLY - LAG 150m - Spec


    Seahawk - Lagenda 4PLY - LAG Icon


  • Gachiri 13X

    GACHIRI 13X POWER STEEL is Seahawk’s newest addition to its top-selling GACHIRI braided fishing lines. It features a single fortified strand of Power Core fibre surrounded by 12X precision-braided UHMPE fibres. This results in a “perfectly-round” profile that is smoother and quieter than other lines, greater braid strength, and an even construction throughout the braid with no weak points.

    GACHIRI 13X POWER STEEL’S unique construction increases the density of fibres at the knot, resulting in greater knot strength and retention. This innovation also greatly reduces internal abrasion for top-notch reliability with maximum consistency , cast after cast. Seahawk’s ZeroFade+ colour-retention technology further increases braid longevity to see you through countless casts, strikes, and fish fights.

    Braided Features:
    • 13-strand (12X UHMPE + 1 Power Core) construction improves strength and reliability.
    • Fortified core achieves even construction with no weak points.
    • Superior round profile with an even smooth surface.
    • Reduced internal abrasion for maximised casting consistency.
    • High abrasion resistance.
    • Ultra sensitive to transmit small nibbles.
    • Greater knot strength and knot retention.
    • ZeroFade + prevents fading dor maximum longevity.
    • Low stretch, low memory.


  • Gachiri 8X Braided Line

    Seahawk Gachiri 8X braid delivers incredible strength, high abrasion resistance with outstanding knot strength, and heightened sensitivity, all without a premium price. Gachiri 8X uses a modern braiding technology consisting of an 8-yarn round construction. This process creates tighter woven fibers in a slimmer, rounder profile compared to many other braids. Its smooth surface ensures a sleek continuous castability and increased durability. Comes in a wide range of colours to suit a variety of fishing situations and needs.

    • 3S Profile: Slim, Smooth and Super strong
    • 100% PE fiber from Japan
    • 8-ply tightly woven fibers form perfectlya round profile
    • Smooth coating delivers high durability and a smoother cast
    • Optimal strength and abrasion resistance
    • Wide variety of colours



  • Gachiri 8X Royal Cast Braid Line

    Seahawk Gachiri 8X Royal Cast takes precision angling to a whole new level. It offers superior castability, excellent sensitivity, and long-lasting coloration-at an affordable price. Constructed of GX8 HMPE fibers, a high tech high-molecular polyethylene fiber, it features a rounder, smoother profile than standard braids. You can expect an ultra-smooth cast that glides effortlessly and silently through guides for incredible casting distance, accuracy and impressive lure action.

    Additionally, the Gachiri 8X Royal Cast’s 8-strands are treated with an innovative Color-Lock coating process to deliver an incredibly smooth finishing for superior abrasion resistance and enhanced colour-retention. You get long-lasting colour that resists fading, even after submerged underwater. Applicable for fresh and saltwater, for both spinning and casting reels.

    Spool up with the Gachiri 8X Royal Cast and fish with confidence, for less.

    • Tough and Abrasion Resistance – Slice Through Vegetation.
    • Zero Memory and Zero Stretch.
    • Thin GX8 UHMPE (Ultra High Molecular PE Fibers)
    Fibers Provide High Strength and Sensitivity.
    • Excellent Strength to Diameter Ratio.
    • Unparalleled Silky Smooth with Its Micro Pitch Round
    Braiding Technology.
    • Advanced Color Locked Technology.


  • Gachiri Ultra Light

    GACHIRI Ultra Light is constructed using 4 strands of high-strength 100% PE braided fibre tightly-woven into an optimum smooth round profile that is then treated with a protective coating for excellent water-resistance.

    A budget-friendly buy that is ideal for beginners of ultra light fishing for freshwater or saltwater conditions.





  • Seahawk - Gachiri 4PLY - GAC main

    Gachiri X4 PLY Braid Line

    The Gachiri braid is formulated with the latest colour-lock technology that extends the life of its colouration. The process also ensures a smoother surface for longer and improved casts and its tightly woven construction delivers incredible abrasion resistance and knot strength. This line comes in a wide variety of colours to suit any fishing situations












  • Hyper 16X Braid - maina

    Hyperion 16X

    Groundbreaking Japan technology and the first of its kind in the fishing industry, the Team Seahawk Hyperion 16-strand braided fishing line is an exceptionally strong high-impact braided line with remarkable high tensile and knot strength.


    The exterior of the line is coated with a layer of protective lining to prevent discoloration and to maximize endurance.


    The skillfully engineered 16-strand of the Hyperion is made in a high-density weave which results in unparalleled abrasion resistance, ultra-fine and incomparable smoothness, enabling more line to be loaded into a spool making the line perfect for offshore saltwater applications including deep sea fishing.


    Hyperion 16X Features:


    • Skillfully engineered using groundbreaking Japan technology
    • 16X braided line with incomparable smooth, supple feel
    • Incredibly thin line diameter for increased line loading onto spool
    • High-density weave for unparalleled abrasion resistance
    • Line glides smoothly through guides with limited friction
    • Beautifully smooth profile for an outstanding cast
    • Remarkable high tensile and excellent knot strength
    • Exceptionally strong, high-impact line for aggressive fishing with no worries


    Hyper 16X Braid - Spec


    Hyper 16X Braid - Col & Icon


  • Seahawk - Lagenda 4PLY - LAG Main

    Lagenda X4 PLY Braid Line

    • 4-ply braided line
    • Silky smooth PE braided fishing line
    • Maximum strength and performance
    • Ultimate knot strength with near zero stretch





    Seahawk - Lagenda 4PLY - LAG Icon


  • Fin - Mega X8- MX8 Main

    Mega X 8 Braid

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 150 yards spec

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 300 yards spec

    Fin Mega X 8 Braid - 1500 yards spec


    Fin - Mega X8- MX8 Colour


  • Power Z - PWZ 1

    Power-Z X4 PLY Braid Line

    • The Power-Z superline provides extreme power for a tournament record catch.
    • The interplait strands of fibers are high-tensile, low-stretch and tech-tech, a combination of features that provide superior strength and increased sensitivity, offering tournament anglers their record catch.


    Seahawk - Power-Z - PWZ Spec


    Seahawk - Power-Z - PWZ Icon


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