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  • Lite Pro SW

    With the Lite Pro SW, Seahawk expands its best-selling ultralight range, Lite Pro, by adding saltwater resistance with all-new features at a price that can’t be beat.

    Developed specifically for ultralight enthusiasts with a penchant for saltwater fishing, the Lite Pro SW features a newly designed body frame wearing its sleek, eye-catching signature look. A sealed drag knob prevents water and dust intrusion while saltwater features include 7 silky-smooth stainless steel ball bearings and a reinforced stainless steel main shaft for increased corrosion resistance with incredible smoothness in performance, rotation and retrieve.

    For those looking to maximize their thrill, it also comes in a smaller size of 800 with an XS aluminum round knob and 2.75kg (6lb) max drag. The perfect reel for your ultralight pursuits.

    Features :
    • 7 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
    • Triple Anodized CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • Oversized Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with XS Sized Aluminium Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Double Anodized Aluminium Slim Side Cap
    • Integrated Alarm System
    • Rubber Sealed Drag Knob
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail


  • Magnus

    Seahawk Magnus entry level spinning reel series is a great starter saltwater fishing reel for beginners and for casual inshore and offshore fishing. It features a high strength full metal body with saltwater-capable components. A high performance multi-disc drag system increases drag strength, offering up to 12kg (26.5lb) of drag force, supported by 7 ball bearings for smooth reeling.

    • Starter reel for saltwater fishing
    • Feature-packed yet affordable
    • High strength full metal body
    • High drag force up to 12kg

    • High quality 7 bearing system
    • High performance anti-reverse system
    • Double anodized forged aluminum spool
    • Felt multi-disc drag system
    • Reinforced graphite rotor
    • CNC screw-in aluminum handle
    • CNC aluminum round knob
    • Light & durable Air Thick bail arm
    • Solid stainless steel main shaft


  • Metallite Spinning Reel


    Features :
    • Computer design balance rotor for minimum vibration
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • CNC machined cut handle with high-densily eva knob
    • Anti-Twist line roller


    metallite Spinning Reel Spec

    metallite Spinning Reel Icon

  • Seahawk - Micra 2 - MIC Main

    Micra II

    • 3 ball bearings
    • Graphite Spool With Line


    Seahawk - Micra 2 - MIC Spec


    Seahawk - Micra 2 - MIC Icon



  • Seahawk - Micro 2 - MIC Gold Main

    Micro II

    Feature :
    • Aluminium spool
    • with line


    Seahawk - Micro 2 - MIC Spec


    Seahawk - Micro 2 - MIC Icon



    Micro - MIC Icon

  • Moju

    Seahawk Moju entry level spinning reel comes with a balanced set of features that make it efficient, versatile, and durable for a variety of fishing applications. Ideal for beginners and anglers looking for a budget-friendly option with excellent performance and high reliability for casual fishing.

    • Starter reel ideal for beginners and casual fishing
    • 5.2:1 gear ratio is versatile for a variety of fishing applications
    • Lightweight construction with aluminum spool & handle
    • CNC aluminum screw-in handle with rubber T-knob
    • 4 ball bearings ensures smooth action
    • Up to 8kg max drag with high performing felt multi drag system
    • Anti-reverse system for solid hook-ups
    • Great value on a small budget



  • Nautica NX

    Nautica NX spinning reel series combines excellent performance, power, and value with its fish-fighting features and affordable price. Its extra deep spool combined with an oversized 6000T multi disc drag makes this reel capable of handling large, fast swimmers while providing a smooth rotation and retrieve with increased durability. High quality aluminum components keep things light, with a large drag knob for easier setting, and a power round knob for better grip, comfort and control—crucial features during prolonged and intense fights in wet conditions. This reel is ideal for both casual and experienced anglers alike who appreciate quality, value and performance.

    • Strong and Lightweight Graphite Body.
    • 7 Bearing System (7+1) with infinite Anti Reverse Clutch Bearing.
    • Double Anodize CNC Aluminium Spool.
    • Oversize 6000T Multi Disc Washer.
    • Direct Drive System – D11S with Precision Machine Cut Aluminium Round Knob.
    • Air Thick Bail with Droplet Line Roller.



  • Nemexus

    Seahawk’s NEMEXUS spinning reel is primed and packed to face larger and more feisty fish. A multi-disc felt washer delivers up to 8kg of drag power. While a reinforced body, rotor, and bail arm ensures the NEMEXUS reel readily stands up to bigger game with ease. Its round knob with screw-in handle is ergonomically shaped for more comfort and control during fights. Plus, 7 bearings offer smoothness and consistency throughout.

    • 7 ball bearings system
    • Anti-reverse roller clutch bearing
    • Aircraft grade double anodized machine cut spool
    • Direct Drive screw-in handle system
    • Multi-disc felt washer delivers reliable stopping power
    • Strong and balanced Air Thick Bail
    • Ergonomic CNC aluminium round knob

  • Omni

    The Omni spinning reel is made for lovers of finesse fishing. It incorporates Seahawk’s TruSmooth System, plus 6 ball bearings for amazing smoothness you can only expect from more expensive reels. This tiny reel is designed to be tough yet extra lightweight with its aluminum spool, screw-in handle, and a cork knob. Complete with a clicker and slick eye-catching design, the Omni is a quintessential addition to your ultralight tackle collection.

    Features :
    • Double Anodized CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with Cork Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • AI Computer Balanced System
    • Tournament Grade Air Thick Bail


  • Pursuit Reel


    Pursuit Reels

    Pursuit Reels Icon

  • Quicksilver

    Be quick in the waters like Seahawk’s Quicksilver! Made for mackerel fishing; this reel boasts 8 high performance double shielded ball bearings with a 6.2:1 gear ratio for a smoother reeling experience. Its light and durable graphite body contributes to a feather-light feel without comprising its endurance in facing brutal fish fights. The large drag knob makes it easy for a quick drag setting and comes with a rubber seal to prevent water from seeping in. The screw-in handle is fitted with a soft touch rubber T-knob for a comfortable grip during your fishing combats!

    • 7+1 High Performance Double Shielded Ball Bearings
    • Gapless 6.2:1 High Gear Ratio for a Smoother Reeling experience
    • Air Thick Bail with Anti-Twist Line Roller
    • Durable CNC Aluminum Handle with Soft Touch Rubber T-Knob
    • Oversized Drag Knob with Rubber Seal for quick drag setting
    • Oiled Tournament Drag System
    • Direct Drive Handle System


  • Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON 01


    The Ronin is all about bringing your long-cast experience to the next level.

    The reel is feature Team Seahawk’s Tru-Smooth System— additional bearings on the shaft for a quicker, smoother spool rotation that maximises casting distance—and C-Loop Propelling System; a reduced angle on the spool lip for less line friction for extra smoothness. Both these features combine to create an effortless cast that covers an amazing distance. All that silky-smooth operation is protected by a solid zero flex Tough-Bodyz frame for a perfectly consistent alignment. Reach further and cast faster with this winner in your palm.

    • Stainless Steel Main Shaft
    • Smooth Gear
    • Screw-On Aluminium Handle
    • Tournament Drag System
    • Tough-Bodyz


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 1


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Spec 2


    Team Seahawk - Ronin - RON Icon

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