spinning reel

  • Seahawk - Shore Front - SFT Main

    Shore Front

    Features :
    • CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • CNC Aluminium Die-Cast Handle with Rubber Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail


    Seahawk - Shore Front - SFT Spec


    Seahawk - Shore Front - SFT Icon

  • Shujitsu SE

    Seahawk’s Shujitsu SE is here to amp up any angler’s fishing performance with its exceptional build & features. The revamped Shujitsu SE now comes with a higher max drag (up to 14kg!) so you can crush any mighty fish fighting game like no other. Like its Shujitsu XT sibling, this Special Edition (SE) Spinning Reel delivers everything you’ll need in a spinning reel such as Multi Disc Carbon Washer, 8 Shielded Ball Bearings, a heavy duty graphite body frame and rotor, stainless steel air thick bail and more – all curated for an uninterrupted, smoother fishing experience.

    – 8 Shielded Ball Bearing with Infinite Anti-Reverse System.
    – Durable Graphite Body Frame and Rotor.
    – Multi Disc Carbon Washer for Incredible Max Drag.
    – Right or Left Hand Interchangeable.
    – Light Weight CNC Aluminum Spool.
    – DDS – Direct Drive Screw-In Handle System with Power Knob.
    – Stainless Steel Hollow Air Thick Bail.



  • Shujitsu XT

    Seahawk’s SHUJITSU series is known to be packed with essential components and features for excellent performance, durability, and style. This new series adds a larger drag knob for easier setting, louder clicker system for optimal response, in addition to 7 ball bearings to keep things incredibly smooth. An aluminum spool, handle and knob provide a light yet sturdy touch. The knob is also ergonomically redesigned for enhanced grip and comfort. Its mid-speed gear ratio offers greater versatility across a wide range of lures and fishing application.

    The new SHUJITSU XT promises not only excellent fish-catching performance but is also right up there in style. Gear up and Fish On!

    • Unique Diamond Chameleon coating
    • Larger drag knob for easier setting
    • Louder clicker system for optimal response

    • 7 ball bearing system
    • Larger drag knob for easy setting
    • CNC aluminum spool
    • CNC aluminum die cast handle
    • Redesigned CNC aluminum round knob
    • Anti-reverse one way clutch bearing
    • Anti-twist line roller
    • Air Thick Bail – Light & reinforced bail arm


  • Silverado XT

    Features :
    • Aluminium Spool
    • CNC Graphite Handle with Rubber T Knob
    • Excellent line lay oscillation system
    • Computer Balance System
    • Air Thick Bail



  • Silverhound

    Step up your fishing game with Seahawk’s Silverhound, a power-packed spinning reel that is designed to be your best companion for any fish-fighting journey yet.
    Its extremely rigid, durable rotor body is able to hold up more strength & withstand higher max drag (up to astounding 17kg) whilst having a light body weight so you can fish longer & better. The spool is designed with a braid-ready feature, making your braid-installation quick, easy & fuss-free. All 9 ball bearings are shielded for smoother rotation, whilst the rubber-sealed CDS (Carbon Drag Washer) prevents invasion of foreign matter & water, thus prolonging the reel life expectancy & making the Silverhound’s a long-lasting keeper.
    Sleek, powerful & durable to the core, this shiny Silverhound is definitely a catch.

    Features :
    • 9 Super Smooth Shielded Bearings (incl. 2 Stainless Steel Bearings on Main Shaft).
    • One-Way Anti-Reverse Roller Clutch Bearing for a Solid Hook-up.
    • Rubber-Sealed CDS Carbon Drag Washer.
    • Oversized Drag Knob for Easier Drag Setting.
    • Air Thick Reinforced Bail Arm with Anti-Twist Line Roller.
    • Ergonomic CNC Forged Aluminum Round Knob.
    • DIIS – Direct Drive System provides a Continuously Sturdy Crank.
    • With Tru-Smooth MKII Alarm System.


  • Strike Wolf PRO

    Introducing a more powerful line-up to the popular bestseller Strike Wolf series—Strike Wolf PRO. This reel retains the much-loved features from the Strike Wolf XT, with the addition of a screw-in handle for more control and cranking power. You’ll still enjoy the lightness and sturdiness of its tri-aluminum spool, handle and round knob together with its anti-twist line roller and one-way clutch for solid hook-ups. It comes in a wide range of sizes, from 800 to 6000, so you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your fishing needs.

    Features :
    • CNC Aluminum Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminum Handle with Aluminum Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Air Thick Bail



  • Strike Wolf XP

    Seahawk’s popular StrikeWolf series is an angler favourite known to pack a punch well above its affordable price range. The latest addition, StrikeWolf XP further raises the bar by introducing greater power with an increased max drag, and a deeper spool for higher line capacity to target larger fish.

    StrikeWolf XP includes features expected within the series—7 silky-smooth ball bearings for a smooth operation, a screw-in handle for more control and cranking power and its durable tri-aluminum system; aluminum spool, handle and round knob, in addition to an anti-twist line roller and one-way clutch for solid hook-ups.

    Spring forth and strike with the powerful and versatile StrikeWolf XP.

    • CNC Aluminium Spool.
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing.
    • Anti-Twist Line Roller.
    • Screw-In CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Flat Knob (1000/2000/3000) / Aluminium Round Knob (4000/6000).
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System.
    • Computer Balanced System.
    • Air Thick Bail.



  • Surf Jig II Reel

    Surf Jig II

    Surf Jig II spinning reel is value for money. It comes with a high power 4.8:1 gear ratio, complete with 7 ball bearings, heavy duty air bail technology and CRBB anti-corrosion ball bearings.

    All of these make it an excellent choice as a saltwater surf beach reel. This reel is indeed an answered prayer for anglers who are on the lookout high and low for a good reel that ranges from fighting fish from the shore to jigging while surfing the hi-seas.


    Features :

    • 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearing
    • Machined fighting power handle
    • High desity EVA grip knob for jigging
    • Metal line clip
    • Silent oscillation shaft system
    • Multi-tough drag system
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminium air bail wire
    • Saltwater proof hyper brass pinion gear
    • Infinte anti-reverse switch


    Surf Jig II Reel Icon

  • Tampa

    TAMPA falls under Seahawk’s range of starter reels made for beginner anglers and casual fishing. This versatile all-rounder features a low-speed gear ratio and reinforced components ideal for working slow lure presentations—such as deepwater crankbaits and spinnerbaits—with enough torque to handle larger fish, supported by up to 8kg of drag force. A 4-bearing system ensures smooth retrievals and a steady reel performance.

    • Starter reel for beginners and casual fishing
    • Low-speed model ideal for slow-retrieving lures
    • Keeps baits in strike zones longer
    • Best for deep crankbaits, spinnerbaits, & big swimbaits

    • Sizes 1000 / 2500 / 4000 / 6000
    • Max drag (kg): 5 / 7 / 7 / 8
    • Gear ratio up to 5.0:1
    • 4 premium ball bearings
    • One-way anti-reverse roller clutch
    • Fortified anodized aluminum spool
    • Reinforced graphite body and rotor
    • Reinforced lightweight bail-arm


  • Tarantula

    Seahawk’s Tarantula embodies the deadly predator, the Tarantula spider. Just like how the small but efficient predator handles prey larger than its size, our Tarantula reel focuses on bigger game. No matter the size, Seahawk’s Tarantula is an expert hunter.

    Wearing the Tarantula spiders’ signature hues of ominous black, dark blue and gold, this sleek machinery comes with a stronger body and rotor to handle larger species. It puts up to 8kg (18lb) of pressure on fish combined with an ultra-smooth cast. In addition, we enhanced the bail arm, and added a deeper spool for increased line capacity to further amp it up for big game fishing. We also took angler feedbacks for an enhanced reel without a price increase. With the Tarantula, we’re proud to present a reel packed with more essential features compared to other reels of the same class, without a higher asking price. Level up your big game fishing with a reel that gives more than it asks!

    Features :
    • CNC Aluminium Spool
    • One-Way Clutch Ball Bearing
    • Anti Twist Line Roller
    • CNC Aluminium Handle with Aluminium Round Knob
    • Direct Drive Screw-In Handle System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Air Thick Bail



  • Temesis-FX

    TEMESIS FX comes equipped with all-new upgrades—featuring a new CNC aluminum knob design, a larger drag knob and a new drag clicker system, complete with a new duo chrome finish contrasted with striking hues of gold.

    The TEMESIS FX series gives anglers solid and reliable Seahawk quality, at a low price point that’s suitable for a wide range of fishing applications. It provides excellent strength and durability yet is still comfortably light, thanks to its CNC machined aluminum spool, knob, and handle. Its larger drag knob design makes for easier setting, while the screw-in handle adds cranking power and control even when under pressure, resulting in an increased overall casting performance. In addition, its eight-bearing system ensures an incredibly smooth rotation.

    If you’re looking for a reel with an exceptional performance, while being no slouch in the looks department, the TEMESIS FX is a pretty hard reel to beat.


  • Tide Ripple

    Seahawk’s Tide Ripple is an entry-level spinning reel, great for those who are starting their angling journey. Compact & pocket-friendly, this reliable Tide Ripple reel houses all the key features such as 3 ball bearings, smooth multi-disc felt washer, computer balanced system and a forged aluminum spool with excellent line-lay oscillation system. Pair it with Seahawk’s Tide Ripple rod for a seamless fun fishing experience!

    Available in assorted bright metallic shades to match any angler’s

    • 3 Ball Bearings
    • Forged Aluminium Spool with line
    • Graphite Handle with Plastic Round Knob
    • Excellent Line Lay Oscillation System
    • Computer Balanced System
    • Smooth Multi Disc Felt Washer
    • Air Thick Bail


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